It’s Time To Get Serious About Mining


December 18th 2017


Blockchain technology is fast becoming the new internet. By storing blocks of information that are identical across an entire network, information cannot be controlled by a single entity, does not have any single point of failure, is accessible to anyone, is continually reconciled and is easily verified. Blockchain participation is voluntary and creates a very powerful network that functions very differently than the internet. Every connection to the blockchain becomes a node and therefore an administrator. Because the blockchain network operates in a continual mode of consensus, it automatically audits and reconciles every transaction every few minutes. Each group of transactions is known as a “block”. This system results in complete transparency and virtual incorruptibility. By performing these services, each node has the potential to secure digital currency. With over 1300 digital currencies available, the challenge becomes not only how to focus on the most desirable transactions but how to participate at all.

By creating a system that can identify the leading services, Block Shares Network will allow anyone to participate in the blockchain network. Block Shares Network will function with its own cryptocurrency called Block Shares or BSN. Owners of BSN will have certain keys and rights, but not obligations, enabling them to opt in or stake, to the system that uses proprietary software and algorithms to identify and acquire the top performing digital currencies. Other rights that BSN holders will have include accessing the system for analytical data, submitting ideas for programing and adding features, selling any digital currencies acquired from opting in to use the system software and algorithms and voting on features that add to or diminish the functionality of the system.

The cryptocurrency market cap is currently over $500 Billion and growing. MIT Technology Review states that the Cryptocurrency market is growing exponentially and certain aspects of this growth have stabilized. Even the internet retailer giant Amazon is positioning itself for the future by purchasing three domain names related to cryptocurrency.

Due to the complexity and innovation of this technology, it is difficult for the average person to understand or become involved. Block Shares Network bridges this gap by offering a simplified token that is uncomplicated and easy to comprehend and use. BSN has keys and attributes that allow a holder to become involved in holding, mining and spending cryptocurrency in a format that is more accessible and easier to understand.

BSN is a pure cryptocurrency, not captive to any specific business, market or activity. It will always remain very flexible and interactive with whoever holds it. The key advantage of BSN is the ability of holders to stake their holdings and participate in mining the top performing cryptocurrencies. Staking is easy and can be terminated at any time with accumulated cryptocurrency sent to a wallet or to an exchange. While staked, all BSN cryptocurrency will share equally in the mining operation. BSN has committed 90% of funds raised through all sells to be used for acquiring, building and operating mining operations. This allows complete scalability as mining operations will be brought online as funds become available. As part of this buildout, an emphasis will be made on alternative energy, an industry that is currently experiencing a large growth phase. Solar, steam, hydrogen and wind farms are the future of clean, renewable energy and as they grow, Blockshares will grow along with them.

Operations Definition

Block Shares Network is in the business of enabling anyone to participate in decentralized Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency mining. Few individuals have the capital, expertize, time or other resources to join this exciting, fast growing and changing market. By making this technology more comprehensible, accessible, understandable and affordable, anybody can involve themselves in block shares technology and cryptocurrency with a little effort on their part.

There are few geographical barriers to entry as anyone with internet access can participate as long as it is legal for them to do so. Using a simple cryptocurrency like BSN also allows participation at any price point. Economies of scale will allow BSN to source and employ the latest technology and remain on the path of technology and performance superiority.

The ultimate capitalization sales goal is $20 million of which 90% will be used for acquiring, building and operating mining operations. The remaining amount will pay for company expenses consisting mainly of office and employee costs. No amounts, other than minimal reasonable salaries will be paid to owners during the startup period of approximately one year. After this startup period, owners will receive no compensation from the company. They can receive pro-rata mining results, along with everyone else, on any BSN they own and choose to stake.

BSN is limited to a maximum of seventy five million. 5,340,000 have been distributed to individuals who have contributed resources to market setup. An additional 32,010,000 will be offered during the startup period. The balance of 37,650,000 will be retained by the company.

Market Analysis

The jury is still out on how the cryptocurrency market will ultimately evolve….but what’s for sure is that digital currencies and tokens offer conveniences that weren’t available before and they’re here to stay. It is impossible to predict if this market will grow, stay level or shrink, but if 2017 is any indication, the concept is becoming more and more mainstream and exciting growth is regular news. BSN is simply a system for anyone to actively participate in this market at a comfortable level. The algorithm utilized by Block Shares Network will constantly mine only those cryptocurrencies that offer the most value. The selection of cryptocurrencies to mine, can and will change quickly as conditions warrant.

With hundreds of cryptocurrencies available and a couple of them involved in mining, there is plenty of competition for each product. Every product has its unique features with advantages and disadvantages. Because BSN is really just a key, or software, that allows anyone to access and actively participate in the cryptocurrency market, it has its own niche and appeal. However, like any product, it will have to constantly prove it is competitive and retains value for its customers.


Block Shares Network offers partnerships in the company via Proof Of Stake.  The Proof Of Stake (POS)concept states that a person can mine or validate block transactions according to how many coins he or she holds. This means that the more BlockShares a partner owns, the more mining power he or she has.

In addition to staking, a partner also shares in the mining rewards gained by the BlockShares mining facilities.

How does it work? The concept is actually quite easy. A partner owns BlockShares (BSN) and stakes the coins and in return receives a mining reward. BlockShares primary focus is mining the most profitable Crypto-Currencies each day and can switch to the most profitable coins on the fly. This allows our partners to receive multiple Crypto-Currencies to add to their portfolios.

Why is it technologically significant? BlockShares main focus is to mine whatever coin delivers the most returns.

You see, at BlockShares we’re coming at the whole cryptocurrency revolution in a unique way…

By using algorithms, AI and forecasting to mine the coins that deliver the best returns.

Then, unlike other crypto organizations, we allow, and encourage investors to stake their coins… And get paid daily derivatives…

Using a unique supply algorithm unlike any in the industry.

Blockshares goes even further.

We’re focusing on funding alternative energy, an industry that’s currently in the beginning of a huge growth phase.

Solar, steam, hydrogen and wind farms are the future of the planet and, as they grow… Blockshares will grow along with them.

What is the products competitive advantage compared to other approaches to satisfy the customers need? While the concept of Proof Of Stake and mining is being used by other companies, BlockShares has taken it to the next level by combining the 2 together to give our partners what we like to call an unfair advantage. See you not only gain by staking our coins, but you also gain from our mining, so this is a Win/Win for our partners. You’ll also get the stability that comes with us mining more than 1 currency.

Economics of Operations

Cryptocurrency or digital currency has exploded into a modern phenomenon of ever growing proportions. Most have heard about it, but few totally understand how blockchain technology works. Because of the complexity and innovation of this technology, it is challenging for the average person to comprehend or become involved. If you take away all the noise around cryptocurrencies and reduce it to a simple definition, you find it to be just limited entries in a database no one can change without fulfilling specific conditions. This may seem ordinary, but, believe it or not: this is exactly how you can define “any” currency.
BSN is a cryptocurrency that holders can be actively engaged in managing. The main opportunity is choosing to stake any or all BSN to participate in mining operations and, determining exact timing in doing so. By staking, additional cryptocurrency can be added to their holdings. While staking results can’t be guaranteed, Block Share Network has consistently generated test mining results in excess of 20% on an annualized basis after overhead expenses. For illustration purposes, if the value of one BSN is equal to one Ethereum and that one BSN was staked for an entire year, you would hold not only the original BSN but would have also gained and additional 20% of one Ethereum.

Block Shares Network test mining results using our proprietary algorithm were better than expected. Test equipment was purchased off the shelf at ordinary prices with no modifications. There are numerous economies of scale that come with capitalization including better, faster equipment, and lower prices on mining pools, overhead, electricity etc. The ultimate goal is to generate the very best and highest results possible.

Electricity is a hefty expense in any mining operation. Block Shares Network’s main mining operation will be located in a cool climate area with low-priced electricity with several excellent sites already identified. The implementation of renewable energy in the mining of cryptocurrencies is pushing the industry in new directions and Block Shares Network will capitalize on the latest renewable solar, wind and geothermal technology to decrease operational overhead. Being on the cutting edge in mining technology and clean, renewable energy combines two innovative markets. The future of mining will be closely related to the energy industry and staying at the forefront will keep Block Shares Network ahead in the industry.


Skyler Campbell. Skyler has extensive background in computer programming and has been involved in the cryptocurrency market for over 5 years. He has successfully traded multiple cryptocurrencies and developed his own algorithm to mine those with biggest potential for future growth and value. Realizing there had to be a superior way to hold, trade and participate in this exciting market, he has worked tirelessly to bring his ideas to fruition. The result is Block Shares Network; the exciting and accessible approach for anyone to become involved in this new technology.

Daniel Harwood. Daniel has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Idaho State University and is a Certified Public Accountant. He has worked extensively in private industry as well as state and Federal government. Daniel has started, owned and managed numerous successful businesses and projects in the United States and several foreign countries.

Justin Harwood. Justin currently owns and manages a large pest control business in Denver Colorado including a sales force of over 50 individuals. As an owner of multiple businesses, he has recruited, trained and motivated numerous personnel. He has also started, managed and eventually sold a number of successful business. With his numerous business contacts, he was able to quickly raise the seed capital to launch the start of Block Shares Network and has become an invaluable member of the management team.

Donald Francis. Donald Started SC Online Marketing in 2008, a Web Design and marketing company focused on helping local businesses take the final steps away from paper advertising and move them forward into online marketing. In 2016 Donald was introduced to Crypto-Currencies and never looked back. Donald mined and traded Crypto-Currencies and in 2017 and was able clear a 6 figure income. Donald is now a Bitcoin Financial Planner and introduces many people to the Crypto space and teaches them to manage their Crypto portfolios to achieve financial freedom.

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