Introducing BlockShares, Your Mining Solution

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It’s Time To Get Serious About Mining

With the perpetual growth of bitcoin, development, implementation, and the fact it’s becoming widely accepted even by microsoft, newegg, and various online sources, mining Crypto-Currencies is your Key to participate in this exciting Market!


With over 1300 coins on Coin Market Cap and counting do you really think they will all be around in 3-4 years? They have to overcome bugs, code flaws and not to mention hacks.

Block Shares has developed a solution that is designed to pay you dividends from the most profitable coins that we mine daily.

We’re focusing on funding alternative energy, an industry that’s currently in the beginning of a huge growth phase.

Solar Energy

Steam Energy

Hydrogen Energy

Wind Energy

As a holder of Blockshares, your contributions will be used for the advancement of our mining facility…

As well as the forecasting, algorithms and all the analysis we’ll be doing to figure out which coins are the most profitable to mine.

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